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What are the jackpots or lottery JACKPOT largest in the world?

For those hunters of big lottery jackpots I'm sure have often been asked which of the lottery provides the greatest return on investment in terms of simple gain jackpot?

Will Megamillions U.S. lotteries, Powerball and Lotto Plus leading the way or be that smaller lotteries are those that have surprised everyone with big jackpot?

An interesting list for those who closely monitor lotteries A recent news article in list of 24 largest lottery jackpot have been won so far in the world. The list would not be surprised at that monitor the big lottery jackpot because the big jackpots all around the world are in this comprehensive list.

The American lottery tops the list The first 8 positions in the list are occupied by two large inter-state lotteries in the United States of America, Megamillions and Powerball! The largest jackpot won and incredible was U.S. $ 390 million Megamillions. The jackpot or jackpot largest lottery of all time won by a single person (no tickets or multiple unions gain) was $ 340 million Powerball.

Grand Prize or the big lottery jackpot in European The gain of the largest jackpot of all non-US jackpot was € 183.5 million in EuroMillions. The award was distributed among 3 carriers of the winning ticket. Following is very close to the Italian lottery EruoMillions SuperEnaLotto to gain a massive jackpot of € 177.7 million. The award itself was distributed to 70 people.

Big lottery jackpots in the rear Other countries that have produced and lottery jackpots are the England national lottery UK National Lottery (Jackpot of £ 42 million), German National Lottery (Jackpot of € 37.6 million), the Grand Lotto 6 / 55 (The award Greater Asia's largest - € 13 million), the lottery Brazilian Mega-Sena (Grand Prize of R $ 145 million - has been the gain jackpot largest in Latin America) and the lottery of Australia Oz Lotto (jackpot AUS $ 106 million - distributed between two people).

Buy lottery tickets and take advantage of the possibilities of life Read some of the proceeds of lottery jackpots seem unreal. The sums of cash seem difficult to be proportioned but are real - real people win these awards lottery REAL! What the lottery winners after receiving your money for the profits of large jackpots is another story, but the truth of all this is clear ... You have to play the lottery to win!.

You can also particpate of them going and buying your lottery tickets as Megamillion, Powerball, SuperEnaLotto, Euromillions, UK National, Lottery, Lotto Oz other also big lottery jackpots as El Gordo, France Loto, SuperLotto Plus Australia and OZ Powerball lottery.

There is something like a small gain Jackpot?

Many lotteries are practically almost all the time in the spotlight! With jackpots to make one tear them are a favorite of the international community to lotteries.

Sizes irresistible jackpots

It is very hard to resist jackpots reaching 100 million euros, or perhaps the super-giant lottery jackpot Megamillions americanaEl $ 300 million? With such massive jackpots available would be foolish to ask why these lotteries are so hard to ignore.

But not everyone can be like a lottery or Euromillions Megamillions! And some lottos are happy not to be ... as ejemploPowerball American SuperLotto Plus lottery or SuperEnaLotto Italian!

Not the biggest, but they are certainly big enough!

There are some medium aspirants to the crown. Closer inspection reveals a series of lotteries that do not exceed 100 million euros, but often provide significant amounts prize. UK Lottery UK Lottery, in fact one of the most popular lotteries in the world with a format of 6 / 49, has reached 42 million pounds previously. Which is not bad!

And the two Australian lottery, Powerball Oz Lotto and Australian both have come to quietly reach sizes of significant awards. Oz Lotto jackpot reached 68 million pounds and the Australian Powerball reached one of the largest jackpot ever recorded of 51 million pounds!

Will the small jackpot are easier to be won?

Now, if these three lotteries also make great waves in the center of attention, which are actually the smallest of the lotteries? Those who are ashamed of the camera? Those who are happy to live a quiet life in the region only a few million pounds?

Lottery El Gordo (Gordo de la Primitiva)

Starting with a minimum of 5 million euros, the jackpot El Gordo will continue to accrue over and over until someone wins! The jackpot has been won so far is some very respectable 25 million euros.

Besides the jackpot, there are other award levels 8 to be won in the draw for El Gordo every Sunday!

France Loto

Still on the European continent now we move to France where the French lottery Loto France (known locally as "Lotus Francaise ') is giving players the opportunity to earn substantial amounts of cash! Lotto Jackpot de France starts with 2 million euros and may accumulate a maximum of 34 times before they won. The biggest victory in terms FranceLoto jackpot so far has been 18 million euros!

So, here are the two lotteries are quite big in their local areas and are happy to let other big lotteries steal the attention of the international show ..

Inviting a large lottery prize

Of course, the fact is that certain lotteries may be the first on the wish list of many people, but if something small, quiet displays of a sudden, nobody would complain ... Instead, I think many people even held ... For the rest of their lives!

Interesting facts about UK Lottery

Welcome to the magical world of UK Lottery, when one of the biggest lotteries in Europe

With average earnings of between £ Jackpots 2 and £ 3 million pounds being offered each week, the lottery "Uk Lottery" is certainly a very hot topic as most things worth talking you never finished speaking all about it.

Prizes unclaimed lottery

One of the greatest tragedies in the world of lotteries is that certainly there is someone who has won the Jackpot ... But I do not know about it! This may be due to loss or theft of lottery ticket or simply out of ignorance, where the winner has not heard who won the prize. The UK Lottery has unclaimed prizes totaling more than 426,000,000 pounds.

Winners have 180 days from the draw date to claim your winnings would otherwise be lost forever. At present there are still 34 million pounds of prizes not claimed within this period can still be claimed.

How has given the UK Lottery?

The Lottery "Uk lottery" is in the business of giving. Not only is a great way to raise money for charities but obviously needed and possibly more important for his players, lucky people makes it very, very rich. The Lottery game "Uk Lottery" creates one to two winners of the prize per week and more than a million award-winning lower levels each week. Total prizes awarded so far have reached the incredible sum of £ 16.6 billion pounds.

Let's talk about the lottery jackpot "Jackpot"

This is really the key point of issue?! How the big money is won? Well, first we need to divide it between "Jackpots" won by one person and "Jackpots" that have been won by multiple players (and therefore shared)

To date, the largest gain for a single person is £ 28 million pounds. Needless to say that was won in a lottery jackpot that which had already been accumulated from the previous week! The total prize at stake was £ 42 million pounds of lottery January 6, 1996. This was shared between 3 people carrying the lottery ticket with the winning numbers. It is always regrettable to have to share profits, but let's be honest third of £ 42 million pounds is still an amazing prize.

A successful lottery

Most importantly, the greatest indicator of the popularity of UK Lottery is the fact that 90% of all winners of the "Jackpots" have continued to play the lottery "Uk lottery" after winning. If this is not a sure sign of the excitement of playing the lottery, then you really do not know what else could be a sign!

Grandesloterí Visit now and get your lottery ticket for the lottery "UK lottery" online. And remember: the advantage of buying your tickets online is that we will notify you personally of their profits with which you never have to worry about the unclaimed prizes.
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